Podcasting 2.0

How to Add Super Chapters to Your Podcast

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Although chapters have existed in podcasting since almost the beginning, there could only be embedded in the media file, were limited in functionality, and could only be updated by replacing the media file (which would not cause an update for audiences who already downloaded the episode).

Podcasting 2.0’s “super chapters” extend the chapters to include more and smarter ways to engage your audience while they play your episodes.

Super chapters are saved in a separate JSON-format file for each episode.

Here is how to add the super chapters to your episodes.

  1. Create your chapters with a chapter editor (see below) or by manually writing the JSON file.
  2. Upload the JSON episode metadata file to your podcast-hosting provider or a file-hosting service (preferrably a CDN). Make sure the file is publicly accessible.
  3. Add the URL for your metadata file with chapters to your episode’s chapters field, or in the <podcast:chapters> tag in your RSS feed. (Skip this step if your podcast-hosting provider does this for you.)
  4. Publish your episode!

Tools for creating podcast chapters