Podcasting 2.0

How to Add Transcripts to Your Podcast

Powered by <podcast:transcript>

Podcasting 2.0 transcripts require two parts: a transcript file (one per language for each episode) and the <podcast:transcript>tag in the episode in your RSS feed.

  1. Create and edit a transcript file for your podcast episode(s). SRT or VTT are the best file formats for this. These are easiest to produce with a transcription service or AI-powered app. (See below for tools.)
  2. Upload the transcript file to your podcast-hosting provider or a file-hosting service (preferrably a CDN). Make sure the file is publicly accessible.
  3. Add the URL for your transcript file to your episode’s transcript field, or in the <podcast:transcript> tag in your RSS feed. (Skip this step if your podcast-hosting provider does this for you.)
  4. Publish your episode!

Tools for generating transcripts