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<podcast:chapters>Independently editable, enhanced chapters



Links to an external file (see example file) containing chapter data for the episode. See the jsonChapters.md file for a description of the chapter file syntax. And, see the example.json example file for a real world example.

Benefits with this approach are that chapters do not require altering audio files, and the chapters can be edited after publishing, since they are a separate file that can be requested on playback (or cached with download). JSON chapter information also allows chapters to be displayed by a wider range of playback tools, including web browsers (which typically have no access to ID3 tags), thus greatly simplifying chapter support; and images can be retrieved on playback, rather than bloating the filesize of the audio. The data held is compatible with normal ID3 tags, thus requiring no additional work for the publisher.


RSS tag:

<podcast:chapters url="https://example.com/episode1/chapters.json" type="application/json+chapters" />

Example JSON file with chapters:

{ "version": "1.2.0", "chapters": [ { "startTime": 0, "title": "Intro" }, { "startTime": 168, "title": "Hearing Aids", "img": "https://example.com/images/hearing_aids.jpg" }, { "startTime": 260, "title": "Progress Report" }, { "startTime": 410, "title": "Namespace", "img": "https://example.com/images/namepsace_example.jpg", "url": "https://github.com/Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace" }, { "startTime": 3990, "title": "Just Break Up", "img": "https://example.com/images/justbreakuppod.png" }, { "startTime": 4600, "title": "Donations", "url": "https://example.com/paypal_link" }, { "startTime": 5510, "title": "The Big Players" }, { "startTime": 5854, "title": "Spread the Word" }, { "startTime": 6089, "title": "Outro" } ] }

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