Podcasting 2.0

How to Add Podcast Recommendations with Podroll

Powered by <podcast:podroll>

People discover new podcasts best through recommendations from people they trust. You can use the <podcast:podroll> to add recommend other podcasts your audience might enjoy. These can be your own or someone else’s!

Podcasting 2.0 apps can use your Podroll to show your podcast recommendations to your audience.

Here is how to add your own podcast recommendations.

  1. Find the podcasts you want to recommend, either through your podcast-publishing tool or manually find the GUIDs by searching for the podcasts here.
  2. Add these podcast GUIDs to your Podroll/recommendations list, or adapt the RSS code from here.
  3. Confirm your choices or paste the full code block into your podcast’s RSS feed before any <item> tags.
  4. Publish your changes!