Podcasting 2.0

How to Use the TXT tag

Powered by <podcast:txt>

The TXT tag is a versitle tag that can hold any kind of text. This is ideal for any kind of ownership verification an app or service might require. For example, transferring ownership of a podcast from one Apple account to another, or claiming your podcast on a new platform.

You can put any text between <podcast:txt> and </podcast:txt>.

  1. Copy the special text you are given by the app or service you are trying to use.
  2. Paste the special text into your publishing tool’s TXT fieldor manually insert it into the code, like <podcast:txt>SPECIAL_TEXT_HERE</podcast:txt>
  3. Enter the “purpose” if necessaryeither in your publishing tool or update your code like this <podcast:txt purpose="PURPOSE_HERE">SPECIAL_TEXT_HERE</podcast:txt>
  4. Save your changes or paste the code before the first <item> in your RSS feed.