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<podcast:socialInteract>Comments on podcast episodes



The socialInteract tag allows a podcaster to attach the url of a "root post" of a comment thread to an episode. This "root post" is treated as the canonical location of where the comments and discussion around this episode will take place. This can be thought of as the "official" social media comment space for this episode. If a protocol such as "activitypub" is used, or some other protocol that allows programmatic API access, these comments can be directly pulled into the app, and replies can be posted back to the thread from the app itself.

If multiple socialInteract tags are given for an <item>, the priority attribute is strongly recommended to give the app an indication as to which comments to display first.

This tag can also be used as a signal to platforms and apps that the podcaster does not want public comments shown alongside this episode. For this purpose a protocol value of "disabled" can be specified, with no other attributes or node value present.

For activitypub, Mastodon or Pleroma's posting API returns a URI (a fully-formed URL with a GUID in it), and a URL (the HTML page where the comment lives). While both of these are acceptable values for the uri field referenced in the socialInteract specification, we'd recommend using the URI value.


Example (simple):

<podcast:socialInteract uri="https://podcastindex.social/web/@dave/108013847520053258" protocol="activitypub" accountId="@dave" />

Example (complex):

<podcast:socialInteract priority="1" uri="https://podcastindex.social/web/@dave/108013847520053258" protocol="activitypub" accountId="@dave" accountUrl="https://podcastindex.social/web/@dave" /> <podcast:socialInteract priority="2" uri="https://twitter.com/PodcastindexOrg/status/1507120226361647115" protocol="twitter" accountId="@podcastindexorg" accountUrl="https://twitter.com/PodcastindexOrg" />

Example (disabled):

<podcast:socialInteract protocol="disabled" />

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