Podcasting 2.0

Content Link

<podcast:contentLink>Link to content delivered outside the app

Node value

The node value is a free form string meant to explain to the user where this content link points and/or the nature of it's purpose.



The contentLink tag is used to indicate that the content begin delivered by the parent element can be found at an external location instead of, or in addition to, being delivered directly to the tag itself within an app. In most instances it is used as a fallback link for the user to use when the app itself can't handle a certain content delivery directly.

For instance, perhaps a podcast feed specifies a <podcast:liveItem> to deliver a live stream to apps. The feed may also give a <podcast:contentLink> pointing to YouTube and Twitch versions of the live stream as well, just in case the listener uses an app that doesn't fully support live streaming content.

Currently this tag is only indicated for use in the <podcast:liveItem> tag. In the future, its use will be expanded.


<podcast:contentLink href="https://youtube.com/blahblah/livestream"> Live on YouTube! </podcast:contentLink>
<podcast:contentLink href="https://twitter.com/statuses/somepost"> Chat on Twitter! </podcast:contentLink>

Platform support

Podcast apps

No podcast apps are known to support <podcast:contentLink> at this time.

Publishing/hosting tools

No publishing/hosting tools are known to support <podcast:contentLink> at this time.

Other apps and platforms

No other apps or platforms are known to support <podcast:contentLink> at this time.

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