Podcasting 2.0

Podcasting 2.0 is for podcasters!

Podcasts deserve an open, independent podcasting ecosystem. Podcasting 2.0 was created to preserve, protect, and extend that ecosystem.

Upgrade to the Podcast Namespace

Every good podcast starts with an RSS feed - the foundation for open podcasting. But, open podcast feeds have lacked innovation for years: much of the innovation that podcasting has seen recently has been from large corporations building new tools for their enclosed ecosystems - which don’t benefit open podcasting, and make it harder for podcasters to get the best for their listeners on all platforms.

Podcasting 2.0 changes that by finally bringing fresh innovation to podcasting’s core technology of RSS. RSS has always been able to be extended to add new features; and through a new namespace - a set of standard features for RSS - we can bring multiple benefits for audiences, podcasters, and developers.

Podcast Namespace benefits

How to get started

  1. Ensure your podcast is in the Podcast Index, and add your podcast if it’s not included.
  2. Check with your podcast-feed-publishing tool for support of the Podcasting 2.0 features from the new Podcast Namespace. You might even want to switch providers in order to get the new features.
  3. Prepare your podcast to receive streaming Bitcoin/Satoshis and Boostagrams through “Value 4 Value.” Here’s a guide.
  4. Encourage your audience to get a better podcast app - or promote the one you like best.
  5. Run some idents about Podcasting 2.0 in your show.
  6. Participate in PodcastIndex.social to share your ideas and feedback.
  7. Go deeper with our developer resources.

Who’s in already?

A ton of podcasts are using these features already. Millions of podcast episodes already have transcripts. More than half a million episodes are using super-chapters. See the statistics from Livewire and dig into the trends.