Podcasting 2.0

Value Recipient

<podcast:valueRecipient>Designate destinations for streaming micropayments



The valueRecipient tag designates various destinations for payments to be sent to during consumption of the enclosed media. Each recipient is considered to receive a "split" of the total payment according to the number of shares given in the split attribute.

This element may only exist within a parent <podcast:value> element.

There is no limit on how many valueRecipient elements can be present in a given <podcast:value> element.

This is a complex tag, so implementors are HIGHLY encouraged to read the companion document for a complete understanding of how this tag works and what it is capable of.


<podcast:value type="lightning" method="keysend" suggested="0.00000015000"> <podcast:valueRecipient name="Alice (Podcaster)" type="node" address="02d5c1bf8b940dc9cadca86d1b0a3c37fbe39cee4c7e839e33bef9174531d27f52" split="40" /> <podcast:valueRecipient name="Bob (Podcaster)" type="node" address="032f4ffbbafffbe51726ad3c164a3d0d37ec27bc67b29a159b0f49ae8ac21b8508" split="40" /> <podcast:valueRecipient name="Carol (Producer)" type="node" address="02dd306e68c46681aa21d88a436fb35355a8579dd30201581cefa17cb179fc4c15" split="15" /> <podcast:valueRecipient name="Hosting Provider" type="node" address="03ae9f91a0cb8ff43840e3c322c4c61f019d8c1c3cea15a25cfc425ac605e61a4a" split="5" fee="true" /> </podcast:value>

Platform support

Podcast apps

No podcast apps are known to support <podcast:valueRecipient> at this time.

Publishing/hosting tools

No publishing/hosting tools are known to support <podcast:valueRecipient> at this time.

Other apps and platforms

No other apps or platforms are known to support <podcast:valueRecipient> at this time.

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