Podcasting 2.0


<podcast:trailer>Show or season trailer

Node value

The node value is a string, which is the title of the trailer. It is required. Please do not exceed 128 characters for the node value or it may be truncated by aggregators.


If the the season attribute is present, it must be a number that matches the format of the <podcast:season> tag. So, for a podcast that has 3 published seasons, a new <podcast:trailer season="4"> tag can be put in the channel to later be matched up with a <podcast:season>4<podcast:season> tag when it is published within a new <item>.


This element is used to define the location of an audio or video file to be used as a trailer for the entire podcast or a specific season. There can be more than one trailer present in the channel of the feed. This element is basically just like an <enclosure> with the extra pubdate and season attributes added.

If there is more than one trailer tag present in the channel, the most recent one (according to its pubdate) should be chosen as the preview by default within podcast apps.


<podcast:trailer pubdate="Thu, 01 Apr 2021 08:00:00 EST" url="https://example.org/trailers/teaser" length="12345678" type="audio/mp3" > Coming April 1st, 2021 </podcast:trailer>
<podcast:trailer pubdate="Thu, 01 Apr 2021 08:00:00 EST" url="https://example.org/trailers/season4teaser" length="12345678" type="video/mp4" season="4" > Season 4: Race for the Whitehouse </podcast:trailer> <!-- (later matches with) --> <podcast:season name="Race for the Whitehouse">4</podcast:season>

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