Podcasting 2.0

Remote Item

<podcast:remoteItem>Point to another feed or item



This element provides a way to "point" to another feed or an <item> in another feed in order to obtain some sort of data that the other feed or feed item has. This allows a podcast app to know where to go and fetch the data being requested. What data is being requested is determined by the parent item. For instance, if the parent item is a <podcast:podroll> element, then the remote feed's <channel> metadata is needed.

Using the feedGuid attribute is the preferred way to address a remote feed since, but there are times when an app may not have access to a list of resolvable <podcast:guid>'s. In that case, it can be beneficial to include the feedUrl attribute for those cases as a fallback. If both are present and the app is capable the feedGuid should be resolved and used.


<podcast:remoteItem feedGuid="917393e3-1b1e-5cef-ace4-edaa54e1f810" />
<podcast:remoteItem feedGuid="917393e3-1b1e-5cef-ace4-edaa54e1f810"itemGuid="asdf089j0-ep240-20230510"/>
<podcast:remoteItem feedGuid="917393e3-1b1e-5cef-ace4-edaa54e1f810" feedUrl="https://feeds.example.org/917393e3-1b1e-5cef-ace4-edaa54e1f810/rss.xml" itemGuid="asdf089j0-ep240-20230510" medium="music" />

Platform support

Podcast apps

No podcast apps are known to support <podcast:remoteItem> at this time.

Publishing/hosting tools

No publishing/hosting tools are known to support <podcast:remoteItem> at this time.

Other apps and platforms

No other apps or platforms are known to support <podcast:remoteItem> at this time.

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