Podcasting 2.0


<podcast:license>Indicate the show's license

Node value

The node value must be a lower-cased reference to a license "identifier" defined in the SPDX License List file if the license being used is a well-known, public license. Or, if it is a custom license, it must be a free form abbreviation of the name of the license as you reference it publicly. Please do not exceed 128 characters for the node value or it may be truncated by aggregators.



This element defines a license that is applied to the audio/video content of a single episode, or the audio/video of the podcast as a whole. Custom licenses must always include a url attribute. Implementors are encouraged to read the license tag companion document for a more complete picture of what this tag is intended to accomplish.


<podcast:license url="https://example.org/mypodcastlicense/full.pdf"> my-podcast-license-v1 </podcast:license>

Platform support

Podcast apps

Publishing/hosting tools

Other apps and platforms

No other apps or platforms are known to support <podcast:license> at this time.

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